Saturday, 27 December 2014

Bapu's Thursday Discourse- December 26th 2014

Here is a brief synopsis of what Bapu said this Thursday,

Hari Om,
Bapu told us, " In 2012 I told you to have firm belief in Sadguru. Now from this year, try to increase your love, not much but by 1gm.
Don't try to be perfect. Only God can be perfect. Don't compare yourself with others; even if you are living with someone for 24 years you cannot understand their mind completely.
Just try to sit in silence for 10 mins and try to think of God. Trivikram will give the necessary healing power to you. From 4th-10th May 2015, you will get this Shrishwasam.
Today decide 3 things,
1) We will plant the tree of love in our mind today.
2)We will not have an inferiority complex in our mind and will not compare with others.
3) For our development we will sit in silence for 10 mins every night."
Read the detailed discourse on Samirsinh's blog -

Translated by Niranjansinh Vakil

Friday, 25 July 2014

Bapu's Thursday Pravachan - July 24th 2014

This is a rough translation of Bapu's Marathi Pravachan,

Hari Om,

It feels so nice to meet you now after this gap. It is same as how you feel when you are a kid and Dad picks you up after HE comes back from office.- Dad goes to office for his kids anyways - it is the same with me.
Whatever is essential for their kids, parents will take efforts to do the same.
Why do I do Upasana? For MY  kids only. Last year when I took Vrat (promise), then I (Bapu) went to everybody's home and then I got to know that all my kids are really simple people.
The outside world is very bad. Therefore it is MY responsibility to take care of all of you (my kids).

Those people who believe in ME, for them, I have created a security system.
My mother gave me permission and here I am now.
I will give all the security to whoever wants  and how much he or she wants.
My Mother has given me with her 18 arms.
From today, Chandika currency starts.  This is very similar and as beautiful as Ram Naam bank.

 During the time of my Vrat, I (Bapu) have seen everything about you - your anger, your depression, everybody's minds.
I want to give all my kids all that they need. It is the same as giving a degree to a third year engineering student but without breaking any rules.

 Yesterday you were crying because you did not have a job, today you are crying because you have a job. Nobody is ready to listen to anyone else's demands. To get a job we take a loan first. and then all our life goes in  paying back that loan. In this world, all things are new so does it mean that you should live scared all the time?? This is not acceptable to ME. Where I am there, then there cannot be any fear.
Everybody has his or her own worries. so does it mean that they should live in tension all day long??
That was the reason for my Vrat or Upasana.  How to put your trust? You will say that we are all simple people. How can we do it?
If you understand this, then surely I will understand it too.
From today, you must say, " Bapu, our faith is low, so you only increase it.  If you (Bapu) want, then tell your Mother (Mothi Aye) also. Our faith is weak and hence our trust is also low"

Ask for Shradha(faith) then ask for Trust - you will get both.  She (Mothi Ayee) is here to increase your faith manifold.
Do as much as you can. Even if there is gap in between, it does not matter. HE does not need any instrument to change anything in our lives. just trust HIM(GOD).  If you keep trust, then HE will do everything.  how HE does it, only HE will know. Why should we be bothered about it?

 Even if you are in the middle of Ocean, nothing is there beside you but water, still show your faith in HIM. The entire ocean can be held in our Ayee's Shankha (Concha). How SHE does it? You don't bother.

 Keep doing devotion (bhakti)  and make a change in your daily behavior.
When doing devotion (bhakti), do it in such a way that tell HIM with all your love, "I am nothing. All is dependent on you. Everything will happen the way YOU desire"
When doing work, tell HIM first, " Aai I am doing work now.and then say, " this work is dependent on me.but it will happen how YOU say"
Then see - what will happen . Because of your work, your mental power will increase manifold.  Be truthful towards GOD.
When you have to lie, then HE will forgive you. If there is no purity in your work or feelings, then nothing good will come out of it.

GOD is doing HIS work anyways.
When there is a fault in an instrument, then one cannot hear properly. So if you want to listen, then She must have microphone with HER. but she will not use it so then you need ears to listen properly.  Through your Sadguru, your Grandmother (mothi ayee) is talking to you in your ears. and only you can hear it.
Our Sadguru talks to our soul as well and then HE brings the right amount of change in us. So this is a dialog with your Jeevatama (Vibhishan). This gives right direction and motivation to him. All of this becomes active because of one word "OM".
This verbal power gives strength to our mind and body. But why does it not reach our mind? because we are constantly thinking. Non Stop.
When we decide to stop thinking, there are still 100 more thoughts in our mind, so then during that period of time, Ayee's word is lost.
But we need FAITH.  So every evening or night, you must sit down calmly  and perform dhyan - Meditate.
Sit in front of Ayee's face, look at her Photo. close your eyes. then again open eyes if you cannot see her photo. Do this until you see her face with your eyes closed. This way, your mind will hear HER voice - do it only for 5 min per day.
Tell HER only only thing - Aye, Sadguru,
Please increase my Faith, TRUST and  Courage.
Dont say negative things like dont give me this or that.

Thoda hai Thode ki jaroorat hai - I already have something so now i need just some more.
I dont like it when my kids are feeble and weak. But our Ayee and HER SON are ready to take us out of this negative situation.
When HIS LION comes in your life, then all the troubles start running away.
If I dont have a single penny then how can I ask for more? Then the way you should ask is, "Give me more that what I had until now"
If you are too fat, then ask Ayee to make you slim but also active.
If you ask positively then this System of Ayee will work wonders for you.
In this plan, Shri SHWASAM has reached completion now but it can be fruitful ONLY when SHE gives final permission.
This will help on all problems - where you cannot reach through your deeds, then this will help you provide a ladder to reach where you want to be.

We ask for more - in fact, there is nothing wrong in expecting more. If your life is full of sorrow, then you should ask Ayee
"Ayee, I know that you are reducing my sorrow and will keep doing so until it becomes zero." you must have such a positive outlook.
Then you will see your life move away from the bottom of the sea to the top of the mountain peak.
and this is a FACT - not some kind of future - telling.
I believe in facts.

We must always have the feeling that my own FATHER is with me. then I do not need anything else.
Whatever Tapascharya Bapu has done and whatever HE has got out of it, it is all for HIS kids (all of us). Hence ask positively.
TRUST is only one thing through which the OMKAR goes through you body and defeat the obstacles in your life.
From today, our Bapu had completed HIS VRAT and standing in front of us - this means all of us are very rich now.
One Promise that Bapu has given to all of us long time back.
"I will NEVER leave you"

I love u my kids..

Monday, 17 March 2014

Sai Rama Tav Sharanam - Ahnik Jap

This composition by Sagar Patil is from Sainath verse from the Achintyadani Stotra  in our AANHIK Upasana.
Aanhik (Nitya upasana to be done by a shraddhavaan) given to us by our Beloved Sadguru Bapu.
Listen and immerse yourself, Ambandya! 

Saturday, 15 March 2014

In the Holy month of Holi, Bapu has said

Our Bapu has told us to do Naam  Sumiran with the vishwaas that there is no distance between Sai and Me. This is NIRANTAR Naam Sumiran.
We must think that Sai is alive and is Right now here with me.
On getting up in the morning, say GOOD MORNING to MOTHI AAI with love. Bapu shall accompany us when we say this.
TRIVIKRAM alone has the strength to delete the BAD memories in our life.
Holi utsav will be celebrated tomorow at SaiNiwas tomorow i.e Sunday 16thMarch 2014. 
Let us take the darshan of Sainiwas.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Experience This Morning- March 10th 2014, London, UK

Our Bapu gives us a whole new life, unimaginably beautiful, when we take his name, and I have experienced beauty in my life every minute, every moment and with every breath I take. Some experiences or 'anubhavs' are intangible and difficult to put into words and some are more about our physical and material life and easier to relate.
Let me share my experience from this morning, I went walking from my apartment building and the way back with my friend, I noticed my  card folder was missing from my jacket pocket.
I was most distressed because it had all my credit/debit cards and some cash in it. Besides, this has been my treasured card folder for a long time now and it holds a lot of sentimental value for me. I have lost a lot of wallets and cash in the past (Before Bapu!) and I just didn't want it to  happen again. In fact, today, I had placed my card folder with my jacket in an open shelf in the gym and then removed it and placed it in a secure locker cautioning myself against being careless.
I prayed to Bapu to help me retrieve my wallet, I said the Gurukshetra Mantra and walked up and down the street with my friend twice to check if I had dropped it on the way. My neighborhood, St Johns Wood in London, is subject to many muggings, robberies, house break-ins and petty crime. Robberies are common in the bright day light and on normal crowded streets.
I walked back home, still talking all the while to Bapu and when I walked up the stairs, I met our mansion block porter who said he just dropped my wallet through my letter slot in my apartment. I couldn't believe my ears. He said a policeman found it and came and handed it to him!
Can you imagine this? In the most crime ridden city in the world?!

I was smiling from ear to ear because when I was walking and talking to Bapu, I was telling him, that I know this is no easy task, bringing me my wallet from the street, but I know for Bapu everything is possible. Not just possible, everything is easy. And he always does it, over and over again, big and small, intangible and tangible, monetary and emotional for his devotees, for his family, for his children.
Thank you Bapu, once again! I love you my Dad, always!
I am Ambadnya!

Sangeetaveera Sadarangani